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This is the website of Sahara Touring, a family-owned business, run by Mohamed (known as Bobo) who was born in the Moroccan desert.

We invite you to create your own amazing journey through Morocco.

Sahara Touring wants you to enjoy a beautiful and authentic time in the stunning country of Morocco. We specialise in organising an individual program to meet all your needs. You choose when you want to travel, for how many days and what you want to do whilst here. We give you advice and tips to make this an experience that you will never forget.

Travel by 4x4 with an experienced driver, go trekking in the desert, relax at the beach or just do a bit of everything. Stay in comfortable hotels and riads. Tell us what you would like to do, we will answer all your questions and together we can work out a fabulous program just for you. Are you looking for adventure in Morocco? Is comfort of high importance to you? Do you want style and luxury? Everything is possible!

Enjoy unforgettable experiences and dream away under a starlit sky. Leave the stressful West behind and let us show you the beauty of Mohamed’s (or Bobo’s) birth place, the desert. We can offer you authenticity, tradition and hospitality. Open yourself up to a different culture. Discover a new continent. Far away, but still close at hand…

Why come with us?

You will be accompanied by real nomads who have lived in the desert their whole lives. We do not participate in mass tourism; authenticity is one of the highest values in our organisation.

You will be welcomed in an informal manner with the hospitality that is characteristic of our culture.

Special Offers!

Email: saharatouring @
mobile Bobo: 00212 (0) 667 237 860 --- 00212 (0) 656 563 385