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Offer: 'Discover the Atlas Mountains'

  • General info
  • Are you keen on mountains? Then you will most certainly have heard of Jbel Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa (4167m). Discover the mysterious Atlas Mountains with the help of a mule and a professional guide. Walk along the Oukaïmeden and the M’Goun valley. Enjoy remote landscapes and Berber villages. Or maybe you prefer to walk in the rugged Anti-Atlas Mountains or volcanic Saghro mountains? There are many different types of landscape which means we can offer you a variety of different itineraries.

    Here are some examples:

  • Trekkings
  • Trek Toubkal
    The highest mountain of North Africa is called Jbel Toubkal and stands at 4167m high. After travelling just an hour by car from Marrakech, you will arrive in the small mountain village of Imlil. Here you will meet your mule and muleteer and your trek can begin. The first day you climb as far as the refuge (3207m). The next morning you climb to the top of Toubkal in time to see the beautiful sunrise. The walk from Imlil takes a minimum of 2 days. We can also make suggestions for walks of up to 15 days’ duration, taking in the beautiful scenery of the High Atlas Mountains.

    Trek Oukaimden
    Jbel Oukaïmeden stands 3263m high. Here, a ski-resort has been built. The starting point for your trek is the village of Imlil, an hour’s drive from Marrakech. Jbel Oukaïmeden stands fairly close to Jbel Toubkal and so it is easy to combine the two. In the neighborhood of Oukaïimeden you can find rock paintings from millions of years ago.

    Trek Mgoun
    The M’Goun trek starts from the Aït Bougemez valley. From Marrakech you drive to Azilal and then further into the mountains. It’s about a 2-hour drive. This is one of the best walks you can imagine. You will enter into real Berber country and will enjoy stunning landscapes and remote Berber villages. The trek takes about 5 days with a guide, mule and muleteer. Every day you will walk between 5 and 7 hours and you will sleep in tents or little gîtes amongst the locals. The last day you will finish your trek in the Dades valley. From here to Marrakech it is a 5-hour drive.

    Trek Anti-Atlas
    The Anti-Atlas Mountains lie next to the High Atlas Mountains and consist of granite rock formations. By sunset the trekking is just sensational. All the rocks glow shades of orange and red. You are unlikely to see many people which makes it a good area to find solitude. The trek is led by a professional guide with mules and muleteers. It takes about 5 to 8 days.

    Trek Jbel Saghro
    Jbel Saghro is a volcanic area between the Atlas Mountains and thestart of the Sahara. The ideal time to do this walk is in the winter - but you must remember that it will be cold at night. You’ll walk along long plateaus, see different rock formations, admire remote oases and view red kasbahs. There is also the opportunity to climb to the highest point (2712m) if you wish. The walk takes 5 to 10 days.

    4x4 in the High Atlas Mountains
    Travel from Marrakech to Aït Bougemez in the High Atlas Mountains, passing through the city of Azilal. You will sleep in authentic gîtes in the middle of the Berber countryside, then drive off-road into this remote landscape. You can choose to kayak on one of the lakes or enjoy scenic walks amongst the Berber villages. The last day you will finish your trek in the Dades valley. You will return to Ouarzazate and Marrakech via the Rose Valley.

  • Prices
  • Includes: guides, mules, camping material and meals
    Excludes: drinks (1,5L water= 10 Dh)

    Price per person:
    * Adult: 65€ a day
    * Student (12j-25j): 60€ a day
    * Children (-12): 55€ a day
    * Children (-8): free

    Groups of more than 5 people:
    * Adult: 60€ a day
    * Student (12-25): 55€ a day
    * Children (-12): 50€ a day
    * Children (-8): free

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