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About us

Sahara Touring is managed by Mohamed Boulfrifi (Bobo). Together with family, friends and neighbours who work as guides, cooks, camelteers and 4x4 drivers, we like to think they make a great team!

Bobo, our experienced Manager, can show you the real desert where he spent his childhood and teenage years. People tend to like him for his knowledge, humour and genuine nature; he will always take good care of you.


"Until I was 17 years of age, I lived in the desert with my father. We were the only ones left. Everyone moved away to the nearest village, M’Hamid. I had a beautiful life in Erg Smar: I had my goats and camels which I cared for. After a while it became impossible to live as a nomad as water became very scarce. After 7 years of hard work as a guide in M’Hamid, I decided to start my own business. I wanted to show people my country, my culture and the life I am proud of."


"When I came for the first time to Morocco I just wanted to surf at nice places such as Taghazout. A friend suggested that I visit the desert too. ‘Desert? it’s only sand,’ I thought. But once there, they couldn’t get rid of me! The Sahara is so much more than just sand. I feel more content and alive… and this is what we forget so much in our stressful world."

Together with other professional guides, drivers and camelteers, we are an excellent team with a lot of energy. We are one big happy family who just want to offer you a memorable and interesting time. This is very important to us.


Email: saharatouring @
mobile Bobo: 00212 (0) 667 237 860 --- 00212 (0) 656 563 385